A blog about my challenge to find balance between my now fully established ‘mum self’ and my, “who the fuck am I post-kids?” self.

My focus during my year long mat leave, ‘Besides the Kids’ will be on finding space and time to reignite my childhood love of exercise, to finally find a minimal, but fashion forward personal style that makes me feel good and maintaining a decluttered family home that I love to spend time in. As time goes on, and when my youngest will allow, I also hope to grab rare opportunities to get out and about with my nearest and dearest of the adult kind, sans kids. The trick will be to do this guilt free, gradually, realistically, on a tight budget with 3 children in tow who perpetually want a snack.

My name’s Hannah and I’m a 35 year old mum from South East London. I’m currently on maternity leave but plan to go back to my lovely part time job teaching Digital Graphic Design to wonderful young people next year.